How does it work? (click here to minimize) is so simple to use...(3 steps):
     1.)  Register below (please read the other FAQs below first).
     2.)  Login
     3.)  Open a new feedback ticket, type your feedback, and submit.

Your feedback will be forwarded to the designated Senior Managers (typically the General Manager and the HR Director) at your company.  You will receive an emailed notice when they respond.  You can submit anonymously (please read the FAQ below for more about this).  After receipt, the Senior Managers will have multiple options including:  
  1. Responding to you.
  2. Not responding to you.
  3. Researching your facts.
  4. Forwarding your feedback to an appropriate department head or supervisor.
  5. Directing you to an employer's FAQ page (frequently asked questions).
Your initial submittal will start a communication trail that will be maintained by  You will receive an email notification after you submit your response and anytime there is a new communication.  You can login anytime to review the status of the communication trail.  At any time, you or management may elect to close the communication trail (it will then be archived).
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